Tricia H. Love

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Tricia H. Love’s earliest recollections of art were the Saturday Evening Post cover illustrations by Norman Rockwell and illustrations in children’s books. These memories influenced Tricia to start her career in the commercial art field.


Then, given the opportunity to study fine art at a German art school, Tricia’s paintings and drawings moved in a new direction as she studied the classical approach to fine art. In 1994 Tricia graduated cum laude from the UNM with a BFA degree.

Many of Tricia’s award winning paintings have been reproduced into Limited Edition Giclee Prints.


Tricia also teaches art classes and workshops.


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photo by Gabriella Lemas/Lemas Photography




Tricia H. Love

As a watercolorist I push the medium to get deep, bold colors in my detailed paintings. With camera in hand I search the countryside for the perfect windmill, old barns, milk cans, antique canning jars, rusty or forgotten treasures. I rummage through flea markets, antique shops and yard sales searching for items that say, “Paint me.”


Many of the treasures I paint come with a history. I wonder what they would say if they could speak. Since they have no voice, I gather information by examining their appearance or talking to people who once owned them. Sometimes their history is lost or forgotten. In such cases it’s easy to wonder and dream about their past. I try to tell a story with my drawings and paintings. I want the viewer to look at my work and interact emotionally, imagining the antique canning jars or marble collection in another time and place.