Tyler Kave Saiz
An approach taken from a colorblind artist! Yes, I am severely colorblind, which is why most of my artwork is monochromatic or black and white! I have experience with nearly every medium, but currently I am very intrigued with acrylic and charcoal! I also enjoy many different forms of content, but currently I enjoy portraiture!
My early work was only focused on hyper realism and being 100% accurate. As I grew as an artist I took great appreciation of more contemporary portraiture, using no reference photos.  Although, this may seem as a very lose approach, as an artist I have to be much more thoughtful with each line or brushstroke, as well as being extremely conscious of value placement. I also believe this approach makes it much more unique  for the viewer, as they can see every time I touch the canvas!
From my imagination of the made up face, to touching the canvas, the viewer gets an entire visual of what I was thinking and doing through the entire piece!

tyler old man

tyler 7

tyler 5


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