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"a dynamic growing group of accomplished artists"

The Gallery ABQ is a dynamic growing group of accomplished artists who have come together to share and support the arts in Albuquerque.

We are an artist-owned gallery. With 20 member artists, we offer a wide variety of mediums, subjects and styles. The glue that holds us together is our shared enthusiasm for the creative voice. In this venue the artist is free creatively to express their individual point of view. Though we do maintain a high level of quality gallery standards, we embrace creativity and innovation.

Unlike privately owned galleries, where one person decides what to show the public, the artists themselves have that choice at The Gallery ABQ. The integrity of the artist’s voice is the deciding factor and is unfettered by commercial influences. Here, art is free to be art.

The viewing public is in for a refreshing treat when visiting The Gallery ABQ. With its long and lean layout, one can stroll easily through a myriad of beautiful, thoughtful and high-quality art. Conversations are encouraged and spontaneous. Artists and art lovers congregate here and enjoy an enthusiastic exchange of ideas and points of view.

We schedule demonstrations periodically, usually during Artscrawl and other special events. The current featured artists are spotlighted and often are the demonstrators; this way the public can become more familiar with certain artists whose work touches or moves them.

Salon space is available for guest artists shows. Contact us to learn more.


Location: The Gallery ABQ is located in the Hoffmantown Shopping Center at the southwest corner of Menaul Blvd. and Wyoming, conveniently located just one mile east of the ABQ Uptown Shopping District. 

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