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Amelia (Mellie) Myer - Oil/Acrylic


When I cleaned out my desk on my last day of work before retiring, I found broken bits of pastel, brushes that I’d forgotten to clean, sketchbooks and drawings – evidence of a lifetime interest in drawing and painting.  

In the past several years I have devoted much of my time to art classes and painting, both as a skill and a tool for personal and spiritual development. I have found that the presence and deep attention required to paint is a form of meditation that sharpens my awareness and perception of both the natural world and my place in it.

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Amelia Myer photo.jpg
Amelia Myer

I’ve been most interested in landscapes in oils and have recently been painting large abstracts in acrylic.  I’ve shown work at New Mexico Art League, Studio J, Matrix Gallery Art Complex, MasterWorks of NM and The Gallery ABQ.

Turquoise Afternoon oil Amelia Myer
Rebirth acrylic.oil 24x36 Amelia Myer
Word Gets Around acrylic 24x24 Amelia My
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