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Vickie Pleau

Artist's Statement


My childhood was steeped in a myriad of outdoor experiences from hiking, camping, and white-water rafting in Northern New Mexico to backpacking and exploring the back country of the Colorado Rockies.

I grew to love the outdoor experience, so it’s no surprise that my art is nature-inspired. You might say my creativity was learning by heart. I fell in love with nature. My constant joy is the beauty, power and mystery of the natural world. 


I remain in a constant state of curiosity. The better I understand my subject, the better I connect to my artistic expression. When all of this aligns, my intended message is effectively translated onto my canvas.


Creation has no shortage of inspiration for capturing the art of expression. Life inspires art, art inspires life and God inspires it all; this is my art journey.



Vickie is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico and attended the University of New Mexico where she completed her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Education. During the years she was committed to a full-time education career, she found ways to keep her penchant for creativity alive through sketching, photography, stained glass, and a myriad of expressive avenues. Incorporating creativity into her classroom was her way of planting seeds of creativity to motivate and inspire future generations to pursue their own artistic expression. Once she retired, her art adventure really began, and it’s been a deeply satisfying ride. She began painting in acrylics and branched into oils, her primary medium.

Vickie continues pursuing opportunities to share her artwork within the community and the world. Hopefully, the love and passion that inspires her work will capture the eye of the viewer and move their hearts, like it does hers.


Vickie’s art has been shown in the:

New Mexico Art League gallery, Rio Grande Art Association Encantada and Masterworks shows, New Mexico Law School gallery, and Gallery ABQ


Vickie Pleau Fine Art 

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