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Craig Frankowski



Craig was born, raised, and educated in Ohio.  His formal art training began at the Toledo Museum of Art while in grade school.  It continued as his major while in high school and in college ( Bowling Green State University, Ohio State University, and finished at Columbus College of Art & Design). 


He was exposed and worked in all art mediums, but now mainly works in oils and some pastels.  He retired as Vice-president and Lighting Designer of a multi-store Lighting Co. in Phoenix, AZ. 


Craig moved to Albuquerque earlier this year from Phoenix after 38 years (long enough to get warmed up).  He can now devote his time full-time to his art.

Craig Frankowski.jpg

Artist Statement


I started painting in oils in a realistic style with a floral motif as my primary subject on single stretched canvas.  Then, in 2008, I started combining multiple canvases of different thicknesses, removing the canvas, re-cutting and re-stretching the canvases.  Before painting, I would assemble and permanently secure all the pieces to form one stretched canvas that has different thicknesses and shapes.


As I progressed further, I wondered why canvases are only square or rectangular?  There are some that are round, maybe even a few that are triangular - but no other choices that I am aware of.  Why not make a stretched canvas that was freeform … and so I did.   I started making my own stretchers and experimenting with different shapes and designs.  I even placed a window or hole in some.  Then I wondered if I could taper the stretchers, for instance, a canvas 2 ½ " thickness, but would taper to ¾ " thickness on the same side.  One of my latest paintings, is in an “L” shaped, that is meant to go around a wall corner.   The idea is to make the unique canvas part of the painting, not simply a form that the picture is placed on.


My next transition was to go from realism to cubism/whimsical, but with a twist … the cubism/whimsical would include some realism and I sometimes added just a small amounts of glitter for a touch of sparkle when the light hits it.


I hope that you will enjoy my artwork as much as I do.

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