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Darlene Moore

Fused Glass | Kaleidoscopes


Darlene Moore lived near Chicago, then moved with her husband to beautiful New Mexico more than 30 years ago. She still enjoys exploring it with her family.


Darlene has been creating with glass for approximately 20 years. Originally self-taught, she is currently taking glass classes at Bullseye in Santa Fe and other glass studios. She is also a member of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society, dedicated to preserving and improving this art form.


Her new focus is on using both traditional glass painting methods and new screen printing techniques to apply images to glass.


photo by Gabriella Lemas/Lemas Photography




Darlene Moore

I am fascinated with the unique nature of glass (a liquid/solid). It is an ancient material that transforms for modern expression. I’ve recently become fascinated with screen printing on glass, and enjoy blending a variety of vintage and contemporary imagery with fused glass.

Kaleidoscopes are a spectacular collaboration of art and science. The design was invented by Sir David Brewster almost 200 years ago.


I create beautiful kaleidoscopes; made of colorful glass, high-quality front-surface mirrors, and mineral or found art accent pieces. Some of the kaleidoscopes are attached to vintage candleholders for unique recycled stands.

Look through the eyepiece to see the incredible geometric designs and colors that are created by the mirrors and the objects. No one else will see the same special image!

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