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David Marks - Mixed Media


I pride myself in bringing the archetypal and mythic into modern form. I utilize the interlay of structure and the organic to give my paintings a feeling of layers of time, changing states, and dimensionality. By using various layering techniques, I oftentimes am able to give my paintings an aging quality suggesting falling leaves, tree bark, and natural structures decaying over time. I then overlay more formal structures that you would not find in the natural world. Other times, I use surrealistic qualities of mists and shadows and layers of transparencies.

 I believe that the combination of these elements gives my art a depth that allows people to see different aspects and personal representations when viewing them from one time to the next. 

I come from a family of artists. Throughout my childhood, I watched and helped my father as he created his art utilizing a variety of media. I was recognized in college for the work I produced and won numerous awards. I became pragmatic and ultimately graduated with an MBA business degree from Ohio State. I went on to have a very successful career in the software industry, and I had to put my artistic leaning on hold. I moved to Santa Fe in 2004, and although I continued to work in my professional career, I had more time to devote to my art. I worked with a few various accomplished local artists for a number of years, honing my skills and learning new techniques, and I am now fully committed to my art.  


Santa Fe has been an inspiration for me.

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