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Gwenda McLamb - Oil

Artist Statement


“If painting is no longer needed, it seems a pity that some of us are born into the world with such a passion for line and color.” - Mary Cassatt


I find inspiration for my paintings while hiking trails around the Southwest, but mostly in the Sandia Mountains. The unique landscapes and “watermelon” lighting are endlessly inspiring and quite a contrast from my roots in the Midwest. As I’m hiking, something will catch my eye - the way the light filters through the trees onto the paths or highlights the edges of rocks.


My goal is to capture light and energy of these moments and share them through an impressionistic style paintings, using a combination of palette knife and brushwork. I’m not concerned about the exact details, but rather the feel and light in the moment. This looser approach frees me to make adjustments in composition, color and value. I hope to share my appreciation and love of nature through my works.

“And into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” - John Muir



Gwenda McLamb was born near Chicago, Illinois, but grew up in southeastern Wisconsin. She predominantly paints in oils, but also works in pastels and acrylics.


She graduated with her bachelor’s of art degree in studio art from Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa, and spent a semester studying Italian Renaissance art with the Accredited Colleges of the Midwest program in Florence, Italy. While working in the healthcare industry as a graphic designer and contract specialist, she completed her MBA at the Anderson School of Management at University of New Mexico. Later, as a sales representative, she traveled and discovered the varied terrain and beauty of the central and northwest parts of New Mexico.


Over the past six years, Gwenda’s art work has been in various shows at the New Mexico Art League, The Gallery ABQ, and solo shows at the Roots Farm Cafe in Tijeras, and the Cabra Coffee in Cedar Crest. She is a member of the New Mexico Art League and is represented at Jezebel Studio and Gallery (Madrid, NM) and The Gallery ABQ.


She lives and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

McLamb  Out of Darkness.jpeg
McLamb Hat & Mittens.jpeg
McLamb Radiant Heat.jpeg
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