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Marcella Boushelle

Mixed Media


Marcella Boushelle, a native New Mexican, studied art at the University of New Mexico Fine Arts Department. Over the past thirty years she has studied with many accomplished artists in workshop and class environments. She is a mixed media artist and describes her work as abstract and impressionistic.


Boushelle is a Signature Member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society, and a Signature Member of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. She has exhibited her work in Juried and invitational shows and in Museums across the Western states.


Marcella is a keynote artist at Radiology Associates and shows her work at The Gallery ABQ in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


photo by Gabriella Lemas/Lemas Photography

Marcella Boushelle

My art has been heavily influenced by the impressionists painters: Cezanne, Degas and Casatt. The Modernists: Matisse, Kandinsky, Klein and Modigliani. Today’s Artist: Jean Arnold, for her energy of movement and motion. Martin Kippenberger, because he can…he has guts.


I am a great viewer of art. It’s what I love.

It’s all about art…I hope my art conveys to the viewer the same energy and excitement that I feel when I paint.

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