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Maria C. Cole is a graduate of Rutgers University, where she earned a degree in Art History. She also completed applied studies at Art Students League of NY.


During her student years Maria was fortunate to enjoy the tutelage of Master Pastellist Albert Handel, artist Catherine Kinkade and renowned anatomy instructor Michael Burban.


As an instructor Maria’s aim is to help students find their own voice by showing them how to develop a personal style.

Contact the Artist:

Maria Cole


My paintings begin long before I stand in front of the easel with a brush in my hand; they are brought to consciousness by nature and the beauty of everyday life.


I do not try to recreate the sources of inspiration, I show the excitement I feel observing the endless variations of every one of their elements, moods and attitudes. My work is conceived while hiking, listening to music and sometimes in places as mundane as the grocery store or riding the subway.  There are exciting possibilities everywhere we look if we can perceive with an open mind.


Every environment tells a story, interpreting the beauty of that story is what moves me and ignites my creative spark.

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