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Marlies Diels



Marlies Diels was born in Berlin, Germany. She received a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and Ceramic in Berlin. She then moved to the Netherlands, where she worked in and taught Ceramic and Sculpture, eventually receiving a Masters Degree in Industrial Design in Eindhoven. She went on to specialize in functional pottery, putting before herself the challenge of merging Beauty, Color, and Function. Marlies has worked and taught in Albuquerque since 1987.


photo by Gabriella Lemas/Lemas Photography

Marlies Diels

I have always had a fascination for clay. My love for that material lead me into a world of shape, color, and texture. The continuous light and sunshine of New Mexico has taught me to use brilliant colors in my art pieces. Every creation is unique yet functional. I like to combine beauty and function in my work, and make it accessible to a broad public.

DielsM-Tea Set 1
DielsM-Tea Set 2
DielsM-Tea Set 3
DielsM-Wheel Thrown Bowl
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