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Maurita Hudson


My first instructor in art was my pastor’s wife. She taught me how to draw and mentored me in pastel pencils for several years. After leaving art for a long period of time I fell in love with the softness of pastels and the wonderful boldness of color through a workshop with Tobi Clements.


Other instructors have been Alain Picard, Natasha Ishenhour and Denali Brooke. I still love challenges and love painting to worship in my church services. The music gives a freedom of movement and surprise for many times I do not know what I will paint when the music begins. It evolves from the words or the energy of others in worship music.

I have been honored to have pieces in New Mexico Art League, Masterworks of New Mexico as well as New Life City and Accounting Cuts Salon on a regular basis.


Artist's Statement


Creativity runs through every aspect of life. We use it for what most people believe to be visual arts. However, it is used everywhere from cooking a meal, to raising children, to decision making.

As a child I loved to dance and chose to sit with Dance Magazine’s and study movement of the body in modern dance and ballet. I would work diligently to create a movement in dance that mirrored closely the moves captured in a photograph. I spent my senior year of high school in a leotard for five of my six periods of study. Today I will sit on the edge of my seat and be totally absorbed in the movement and grace of a dancer.

Visual art presented a challenge to me as I learned to draw the straight lines of a Styrofoam cube, cone, and the curved lines of a ball. It was boring! My instructor saved me when a Raggedy Ann doll was arranged on the table in the front of me. As I began to giggle and draw she came to life while others in the class groaned and complained about how difficult she was to draw.. To this day I love the forms of softness and motion that I see around me. Our beautiful skies in New Mexico with the billowing clouds are exciting and I will sit and observe them for long periods of time. I rise early to catch the sunrise or watch for the changing light of sunset as it burst forth with boldness of color. I never tire of the colors around me and I am most drawn to the clouds and sunsets for subject matters.

I left art for 30 plus years and was brought back to it with an introduction to acrylics in 2013. Soft pastels became my challenge in 2018. I love the intensity of the pigments and find great delight in learning how to use the hard, pan pastels and soft pastels.

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