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Meg Munro, Watercolor

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Since considering myself a professional artist in 1995, I have been in numerous group shows, mostly in Mexico. I was represented by galleries in Puerto Vallarta from 2003-2016. 


I have juried into several watercolor competitions and won some awards. Most recently my paintings were shown in Masterworks New Mexico and New Mexico Watercolor Society.


I am a signature member of both NWS National Watercolor Society and WW Watercolor West in which I won the second-place award.

Meg Munro


About Me

I was in love with everything in Mexico for the 30+years I lived there.  I painted each thing through my enamored eyes; In Vallarta it was the water, the dense tropical foliage and exotic flowers. Travelling around Mexico I painted the people, their towns and marketplaces, and their folkart.

Mexico was my artist’s path. I was able to create myself as artist in her warm, all-embracing culture. Though I moved away in 2016, it feels as if I bring in my heart the life, love and freedom gifted to me by Mexico and her people. This seems to me to be apparent in my art as The Apparitions series begun in 2014 and continuing still. It’s as if The Universal Feminine, as Guadalupe, has appeared to transition me to new life.

Gradually, the land of enchantment is seeping into me as my new home. I especially feel it at The Bosque where I walk most days. In time the paintings will emerge.


Artist Statement

Whether it is light on baskets, light through colored bottles, as sprinkled light on gardens or light coming through transparent leaves and flowers, I paint the light in the natural world.

I must push the contrast of light to dark to maximum. In watercolor this is the white of the paper against saturated layers of paint to create dark.

Also, through the transparency of watercolor, suggestions of the drawing show through. For me, the drawing is a main attraction, both in creating it and having its underlying structure apparent.

Lastly, I am intrigued with complicated patterns of things. It is the endless shapes of things in nature that keeps entrancing me forward.


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