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Patricia J. Cream

Patricia J Cream Artist Statement

My love of art and expressing myself through art started as a child.  However, since retiring, I feel that I am finally getting the opportunity to develop my own style.  I started my art business “Creamincolor, LLC” to focus on my love of oil painting.

It has been freeing to not box myself in to one style or genre.  I am allowing myself the flexibility to try new things. I have been experimenting with using pallet knives and thick oils to create flowers and landscapes. Most recently, I have been experimenting with perspectives. After many life changing events, my art evolves around stories viewed through a particular perspective. I am also inspired by travel; the variety of cultures, landscapes, architecture, and expressive colors.

Most of my paintings are created with the sky as the primary focus of each piece. Sunrise and sunset are especially big highlights in my paintings, but the constant changing and movement of the sky really intrigues me and catches my artist’s eye. I like to portray the clouds in bold bright colors.


I hope my art will touch others by creating in them hope, joy, and happiness as they view the pieces. 

My paintings are exhibited at The Gallery ABQ. Currently, I hold the position of Director at The Gallery ABQ. I have shown my art in several local art shows including Encantada, Gallery with a Cause, and the NM Art League.  I am a member of the NM Art League and Rio Grande Art Association. 

Visit for more information on my current works, exhibits and activities.

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