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The Gallery ABQ Has a New Online Store! 

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

By Mellie Myer

We have added an online store to our website,, as another way to provide our artists with options to get their art out into the public domain. With the gallery temporarily closing its doors, as a result of state-wide response to Covid-19, we began to consider ways we could still make our artwork both accessible and available for sale to the public.

Mellie Myer, the website editor, has spent the past few weeks setting up the gallery store so that our artists can now have their work posted. Customers can view the art in the online gallery, can interact with the artist with questions about the artwork or shipping, and then can purchase directly from the site. Local pickup of the art, by arrangements made with the artist, is free. The art works can also be shipped to the purchasing customer.

The stressful public health situation was the impetus to begin looking at ways that we can virtually interact with our customers and art followers, something that gallery director Pat Cream and other members of the board were interested in looking into anyway.

The online store is likely one of the business routes that much of the art world will take in the future in any case, regardless of whether galleries are open or temporarily closed. And while we are very much looking forward to our partial opening June 4, we are also interested in continuing to offer online options to our artists and customers.

Mellie said that the gallery also hopes to have some “live” events, either through our Facebook account or through the website itself, where our customers, followers, and friends can virtually interact with us and view what is available now in the gallery.

We currently have paintings and glass art posted to the store and we hope to soon have jewelry, pottery and prints available too.

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